Our Purpose

We, the Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students, would like to serve as a gathering place, as well as an academic and career resource, where all students interested in mathematics can further their involvement in the subject, meet other people with similar interests, and discover some of the opportunities mathematics has to offer.

What We Do

The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students hosts various seminars dealing with graduate education, careers, and topics in mathematics to provide resources for our members. We also hold social events in order for mathematically-inclined people to meet and exchange ideas.

Getting Involved

Becoming a member

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the Member Interest Form that will be posted near the end of the quarter.

Taken from our Constitution below:

Membership in SUMS is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at the University of California San Diego.

A member of SUMS shall have one (1) vote in all officer elections.

A member of SUMS shall have one (1) vote in any vote opened to the membership by the Officer Board.

In order to become a member of SUMS, a student must first submit an interest form. Then, they must attend at least two (2) Organization events and two (2) Organization meetings, and ensure that their attendance is noted. The officers of the club may also institute alternative ways to meet these requirements, communicated to members in advance, such as participation in special meetings or volunteer projects. After these requirements are met, the student will be added to the list of active members for the next academic quarter.

In order to maintain membership status, members must attend at least two (2) Organization events and two (2) Organization meetings each academic quarter, or fulfill alternative requirements set forth by the officers. Membership requirements will be reviewed after each academic quarter. Any member that fails to meet these requirements will be marked as an inactive member for the following quarter, and will not be allowed the aforementioned benefits of membership. Any inactive member completing membership requirements for a quarter will be marked as active for the following quarter.

Any member may have their membership revoked for the remainder of the academic quarter or year for any violation of University of California San Diego policy, at the discretion of the officers and community advisor of SUMS.

Becoming an officer

If you are interested in becoming a officer, please fill out the Officer Interest Form that will be posted near the end of the quarter.

Taken from our Constitution below:

Only registered UCSD students may hold office in the organization. Only registered UCSD students may vote in elections for the selection of the organization’s officers.

SUMS officers shall have the power to bring any decisions affecting the club to a vote.

All SUMS officers are required to attend all meetings. Officers missing three (3) or more meetings within an academic quarter may be subject to disciplinary action.

The Officer Board may consist of any or all of the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Event Coordinator, Technology Chair, Website Coordinator, Historian, Publicity Chair. All officers on the Officer Board share responsibility for any and all administrative and volunteer duties.

For details on the individual board positions, see the Constitution.

Helpful Modules

Suggestions? Please contact us on slack!
Here we organize the events and timing of tasks to complete for events (you can find most tasks starting in September). Feel free to give a shoutout on to participate in or suggest events!

Principal Member Guide


The whole process is going to look something like this:

First, you’ll need to sit down and actually plan the event, usually more 8 weeks in advance for big events, at least 6 weeks in advance for any event requiring funding, and 2-4 weeks in advance for smaller events that don’t require funding (like big planning meetings, elections, GBMs, etc).

Then, you’ll need to reserve a room. You can do so this like 8 months in advance if you want, so do it as soon as you have SOME idea of how many attendees you’re aiming for.

Then you can (optionally) request funding. You must have a room booked and confirmed first, and the deadline to get your request in is 5 weeks before the actual event date.

Finally, you publicize your event. You can do this out of pocket for less than $5 (super easy), or tap into the student org’s operating funds (requires some forms).


​ 1. Have specific ideas of what events you want to pull off. The club should ideally have almost all of its events for a quarter planned before the quarter starts. This is especially true for big events!

​ 2. Smaller events can be done on shorter notice, but in the absolute worst case you’ll want to plan at least two weeks in advance. If you advertise for less than a week, turnout tends to be very poor.

​ 3. If the event requires funding of any kind, you’ll want to plan these at least 7-8 weeks in advance. This is because if you want to get funding from AS, you’ll need to have a proposal submitted 5 weeks in advance, and you’ll usually need 1-2 weeks to plan out enough concrete details to submit a proposal.


Apply for Funding

​ This needs to be done more than 3 weeks in advance, and can only be filled out by a principal member. Also, you should have your room booking confirmed before submitting a TAP. Get a confirmation in writing or print, room conflicts are an unnecessary pain!


There are a couple of standard ways to advertise, but you’re free to be as creative as you’d like in this area.

Other Notes

A couple of quick notes: A few of these options cost money, which means you’ll need to submit some forms to get the costs covered by student org funds.

​ If you’re just printing a few flyers, it might be easier just to shell out the \$3-4 yourself and not worry about it. Anything more than that, though, and you’ll want to make sure it comes out of the org’s operating funds. (You get about \$100 annually as a registered org)

​ This is pretty easy to do, as long as you’re going through either Imprints or AS Graphics Studio on campus. Generally, you’ll just drop off you print job, grab a “Standard Print and Copy Order Form” (Imprints has these on hand), fill it out, and get it approved by AS (third floor of the Price Center)

Notes from PM Meeting and Helpful Links