D. Zack Garza

Mathematics, Minor in Computer Science
4th Year, Muir College

Zack joined SUMS to help build a math community at UCSD. He hopes SUMS continues to be a meeting place and community of learning where people share their love and knowledge of math. His favorite math fact is that the sum of all n of the nth roots of unity is exactly zero. He feels that this fact gives rise to so many cool connections between algebra and geometry, and contains many nice symmetries--and one can recover Euler's infamous identity as a special case! Zack has approximate knowledge of many musical instruments--drums, guitar, and a bit of piano. He also cycles often and enjoys restoring/rebuilding old arcade machines.

Aiden J. Yoon
Vice President

Probability and Statistics
3rd Year, Sixth College

Upon transferring to UCSD, Aiden saw a lack of a mathematics community. He joined SUMS after seeing a chance to build and join such a community. His favorite field of mathematics is probability, as it forces us to abandon our intuitions and to instead focus on mathematical reasoning. Aiden enjoys snowboarding, listening to music, and playing video games.

Simon Hu
Secretary and Logistics

Electrical Engineering, Minor in Mathematics
2nd Year, Warren College

Simon decided to get involved with SUMS because he felt UCSD did not have an organization that could provide the undergraduate math community with the resources necessary to succeed. He has a deep passion for math and wants to share that passion with other math majors at UCSD. His favorite field of math is partial differential equations (PDEs), as they help model a lot of physical phenomena, which he thinks is amazing. In particular, PDEs have so many applications for physics in engineering (his major). Simon enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and working on personal projects.

Peter Amidon
Technology Coordinator

Computer Science
1st Year, Muir College

Peter joined SUMS since he enjoys abstract math and computer science related math, and had been attending Zack's lightning talks regularly. As he became more involved with SUMS' lightning talks, he decided to attend meetings and become an officer. He hopes to gain lots of fun math learning/teaching experience out of SUMS and hopes to meet other math loving undergrads. His favorite field of math is category theory, as it seems to unify all the other fields of mathematics. He finds univalent foundations and homotopy type theory cool as well. In addition, his favorite mathematician is either David Hilbert, for introducing formalism into mathematics, or Alonzo Church, for introducing math into computer science. Peter's interests include research relating to programing languages, reading, and occasional bicycling.

Keenan Chan
Publicity Chair

Mathematics–Computer Science
1st Year, Muir College

Being a Math–CS Major at UCSD, Keenan was dismayed at the lack of a strong community of math students. Being a part of SUMS has allowed him to change this, and and has allowed him to encourage a community more welcoming to math students. From what little college math he has covered so far, he has found himself enjoying abstract algebra a lot. He cannot wait to take the MATH 100 sequence (Abstract Algebra) at UCSD. Keenan enjoys hiking, biking, and traveling around in general. In fact, he has been learning to drive recently, as it is his dream to go on a road trip in the U.S.