General Business Meeting


Fall 2017

Today's Agenda

  • Who are we?
  • What is SUMS?
  • Upcoming events
  • How to get involved
  • The future of SUMS



Society of Undergraduate
Mathematics Students



What is SUMS?

Our Modus Operandi

Currently two major components to the club's functions and events:

Educational & Social


Society of Undergraduate
Mathematics Students



Talks and seminars as a way of learning some new and exciting extracurricular math


Workshops to learn new skills


Panels and invited speakers for developmental advice, both for academia and industry




Meet like-minded students


Connect with others who love Mathematics


Bring a bit of fun and levity into the lives of Math students



(Plus free food!)

Why Was SUMS (Re)formed?

  • UCSD has had Math clubs on and off since the mid 1990's
  • Last year - no club at all!
  • Leaves students in math-related majors underserver
    • Total UCSD Students: 26,840
    • Students in Math majors: 2252 (8.4%)
    • Other large majors:
      • ECE: 1069 (4%)
      • CSE: 1689 (6.3%)
      • Economics: 2262 (8.4%)
      • Biology: 5800 (21.6%)

Why Was SUMS (Re)formed?

  • Math Club Vacuum
    • UCSD is bereft of organized
      events for undergraduate math students
  • Mathematics can be a niche interest in the "real world"
  • Cohesion and klout, potential for higher quality events
  • Create a sense of Math "culture" here at UCSD
  • Promote an environment conducive to learning
  • Facilitate events that benefit Mathematics students

Why Was SUMS (Re)formed?

  • Want to remind people that Math can be fun!
  • (And make life as a Math major just a little more pleasant)

Why Was SUMS (Re)formed?

Our Goals

  • Put on fun and educational events
  • Remind people that Math can be beautiful and fun (and even exciting)!


Best Source of Current Information:

Past Events

  • Lightning Talks
  • Movie Nights
  • Board Game Night
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Integration Bee
  • (See slideshow!)

Upcoming Events

Functional Programming

  • Organized talks or lectures given by students (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Students volunteer to give talks based on topics they find interesting
  • Less frequent, occur during the last week of each month
  • Previous Topics: See website

Movie Night

  • Next Monday, Oct 16th 6-9pm, PC Theater
  • Screening a movie + providing dinner, popcorn, candy!
  • Movies this year:
    • A Beautiful Mind
    • The Imitation Game
    • The Man Who Knew Infinity

Lightning Talks

  • Organized talks or lectures given by students (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Students volunteer to give talks based on topics they find interesting
  • Less frequent, occur during the last week of each month
  • Previous Topics: See website

Board Game Night

  • BYOBG (Bring your own board games!)
    • We'll provide a few, but we encourage people to bring their favorites and share!
  • Includes dinner and snacks

Social Events  


  • Event Planning Meeting
    Before Week 6, we meet and discuss possible events for the next academic quarter (over snacks/refreshments of course!)

  • Keep an eye on the website calendar for more

Planned Events


Introductory Latex

Intermediate Latex

+ More? (See future/goals section)

 Integration Bee

  • A competition to see who's the quickest integral solver at UCSD!
  • Accessible to anyone who's taken the intro Calculus sequence
  • Win fabulous prizes and wealth! (And bragging rights, of course)

Board Meetings

  • Held on Mondays, 11am-12pm, AP&M 7218
  • Attendance is open to everyone! Feel free to come by and discuss ideas (e.g. for events or club direction)

  • If you want to get involved in club operations either this or next year, must attend several of these up front.

Which brings us to..

How to Get Involved

What does "getting involved" entail?

  • 3 Possibilities:
    • Non-member
      • Anyone can just show up to events
    • Member​
      • Vote on general body motions
    • Officer and/or Principal Member
      • Vote on administrative motions

Becoming a Member

  • Benefits

    • ​Vote in officer elections

    • Vote in general body motions

  • Requirements

    • ​​Attend 3 events and sign in

    • Attend 2 meetings and sign in

    • Submit an interest form afterwards

Becoming an Officer

  • Benefits

    • ​Vote in all decisions

    • Steer direction of club

  • Requirements

    • ​​Be a member

    • Submit an interest form

    • Run for a position

    • Attend all business meetings

Possible Positions

  • Volunteers
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President
  • Web Team
  • Plus President and other roles next year!

The Future of SUMS

Goals: Short-Term

  • More educational events: seminars, colloquia, invited speakers (professors, alumni, grad students)
  • More funded events - more consistent and fun social events, and increased student involvement
  • More workshops - learn programming languages, resume-building, GRE or Putnam prep

Goals: Long Term

  • Form a chapter of a national Math organization (SIAM, MAA, etc)
  • Do fundraising for members to travel to conferences and talks
  • Improve the AP&M building
    • More math-y things! 3D printed quadric surfaces, knots, visual things that are fun and get people excited about math  
    • More student resources (e.g. better study spaces in AP&M, take a book-leave a book)
  • Provide tutoring support for upper-division classes
  • Improve Alumni relations

Goals: Long Term

  • Grad/Undergrad Paired Reading Program
  • Getting rare classes offered more often
  • Get involved in teaching, tutoring, mentoring, math camps or contests, etc
  • "Meet Your Professor" group lunches
  • End of year formal dinner with profs

But Seriously

We could use your help to get there!

Whether it's by taking on official positions, or just reaching out and giving us your feedback and helping to shape these goals, everything helps! 

Thanks for attending!

(Open for questions or comments)