# Get Involved

In case of conflicting information, the constitution takes priority.

# Volunteering

If you would like to help run our events, we post event volunteer opportunities on Slack(opens new window) .

# Becoming a Member

Anyone can attend our events but an eligible student may become a SUMS member for additional benefits.

# Perks

  • Eligibility to become a staff member or officer.
  • Invitation to team building events.
  • Discounts on merchandise (e.g. mathematics graduation stoles).
  • Membership until graduation.

# Requirements

  • Must be a registered UCSD undergraduate student (of any major).
  • Within 90 days, attend and sign in to:
    • At least 3 SUMS events (excluding meetings).
    • At least 3 SUMS meetings.
  • Submit a membership application after completing all other requirements. Applications are processed at least once per quarter.

# Becoming a Staff Member

A SUMS member may become a staff member for further involvement with SUMS. A staff member is one level above a member and one level below an officer in terms of level of involvement. Staff members help officers run the organization and often become elected as officers in the future.

# Perks (on top of member perks)

  • Eligibility to vote in elections.
  • A term that lasts until the end of the academic year.

# Requirements

  • Ask the Board at a meeting if a staff member position can be arranged.
  • The Board must express a need for a staff member by writing out a statement of purpose.

# Duties

  • Assist the officers in running the organization. Complete tasks volunteered for or delegated by the Board.
  • Attend all board meetings and events planning meetings.

# Becoming an Officer

See the constitution for details on becoming an officer.

# Constitution

See our 21-22-v3 Constitution(opens new window) for info on elections and descriptions and duties of each office. Previous constitutions and the source repo can be found here(opens new window) .