# Officers

Please email us at sums@ucsd.edu for general inquiries.

# 2019-2020

# President

Kin Yau James "James" Wong
Mathematics - Computer Science
3rd Year, Revelle

I joined SUMS because I am passionate about engaging all people in mathematics regardless of their background. I also want to be in an environment where I can share my interests in mathematics with other people. As the President, I hope to maintain a healthy environment for everyone involved in mathematics. I also hope to establish stronger connections with others, and see more interaction between professors, graduate, and undergraduate students in mathematics.

Favorite Fields of Math: Real Analysis, Partial Differential Equations
Favorite Math Classes: MATH 140A-B-C, MATH 148
Hobbies: Bouldering, Basketball, Chess, Piano, Programming

# Vice President Internal

Angela Yang
Mathematics - Secondary Education
3rd Year, Marshall

I joined SUMS in the hopes of meeting other students who share the same passion for mathematics. As Vice President Internal, I hope to establish a warm and welcoming environment for students to connect with like-minded peers. I am excited to plan events that allow students to explore their passions, academic-related goals, and possible career options, while having fun.

Favorite Fields of Math: Math Education, Number Theory
Favorite Math Classes: Math 95, Math 105
Hobbies: Cooking, Singing, Tennis

# Vice President External

Jingran Xu
Cognitive Science - Machine Learning and Neural Computation
3rd Year, Revelle

I joined SUMS in my freshman year as an eager undergraduate student and publicity committee member. It was a spur of the moment thing since SUMS was one of only two math clubs on campus. But as I got more involved with the club, SUMS opened my eyes to fields closely related to math but at the same time, vastly different. This community brought me many resources, connections, great memories, and most importantly, many close friends. I hope to continue and improve this work, and share this experience with all of you in the UCSD mathematics community.

Favorite Fields of Math: Mathematical Linguistics, Linear Algebra
Favorite Math Classes: Math 31AH
Hobbies: Reading, Listening to and Playing Music, Writing, Learning about Languages

# Treasurer

Xikai "Sky" Wu
Applied Math
3rd Year, Warren

I join SUMS because I personally enjoy doing math and socializing for math students is something that I think could be fun. I hope I could help SUMS become a more important entity in every math student's life.

Favorite Fields of Math: Probability
Favorite Math Classes: MATH 180A
Hobbies: Badminton, Singing

# Events Chair

Michael Bradley
3rd Year, Sixth

I joined SUMS so I could learn more math from my peers in a social setting. As an officer I can play a more intimate role in the planning and execution of SUMS events.

Favorite Fields of Math: Abstract Algebra, Category Theory, and Topology
Favorite Math Classes: MATH 100C (Galois Theory)
Hobbies: Programming, Art, Writing

# Workshops Chair

Fred Rajasekaran
Math, Physics
2nd Year, Sixth

I joined SUMS because I wanted to be around other likeminded people who have a passion for math. As an officer, I hope to help spread this passion to others at UCSD and help the club grow.

Favorite Fields of Math: Analysis and Combinatorics
Favorite Math Classes: MATH 140
Hobbies: Lifting, Video Games, Basketball

# Publicity Chair

Parsia Hedayat
Mathematics-Computer Science
3rd Year, Revelle

To be around people who appreciate and enjoy math as much as I do. I hope to show others at UCSD just how important math is to their lives and help other math-minded people find a community on-campus.

Favorite Fields of Math: Algebra
Favorite Math Classes: MATH 103B
Hobbies: Video Games, Programming

# Community Advisor

Diana Platero-Lopez

Department of Mathematics

Diana Platero-Lopez is the Community Advisor of SUMS as well as the Student Affairs Manager of the Department of Mathematics.