# Officers

Please email us at sums@ucsd.edu for general inquiries.

# 2021-2022

# President & Treasurer

Kin Yau James "James" Wong
Mathematics - Computer Science
4th Year, Revelle

I joined SUMS because I am passionate about engaging all people in mathematics regardless of their background. I also want to be in an environment where I can share my interests in mathematics with other people. As the President, I hope to maintain a healthy environment for everyone involved in mathematics. I also hope to establish stronger connections with others, and see more interaction between professors, graduate, and undergraduate students in mathematics.

Favorite Fields of Math: Real Analysis, Partial Differential Equations
Favorite Math Classes: MATH 140A-B-C, MATH 148
Hobbies: Bouldering, Basketball, Chess, Piano, Programming

# Vice President Internal & Secretary

Angela Yang
Mathematics - Secondary Education
4th Year, Marshall

I joined SUMS in the hopes of meeting other students who share the same passion for mathematics. As Vice President Internal, I hope to establish a warm and welcoming environment for students to connect with like-minded peers. I am excited to plan events that allow students to explore their passions, academic-related goals, and possible career options, while having fun.

Favorite Fields of Math: Math Education, Number Theory
Favorite Math Classes: Math 95, Math 105
Hobbies: Cooking, Singing, Tennis

# Vice President External & Publicity Chair

Parsia Hedayat
Mathematics-Computer Science
4th Year, Revelle

To be around people who appreciate and enjoy math as much as I do. I hope to show others at UCSD just how important math is to their lives and help other math-minded people find a community on-campus.

Favorite Fields of Math: Algebra
Favorite Math Classes: Differential Geometry, Math 150B
Hobbies: Video Games, Programming

# Events Chair & Tech Chair

Michael Bradley
4th Year, Sixth

I joined SUMS so I could learn more math from my peers in a social setting. As an officer I can play a more intimate role in the planning and execution of SUMS events.

Favorite Fields of Math: Abstract Algebra, Category Theory, and Topology
Favorite Math Classes: MATH 100C (Galois Theory)
Hobbies: Programming, Art, Writing

# Workshops Chair & Historian

Fred Rajasekaran
Math, Physics
3rd Year, Sixth

I joined SUMS because I wanted to be around other likeminded people who have a passion for math. As an officer, I hope to help spread this passion to others at UCSD and help the club grow.

Favorite Fields of Math: Analysis and Combinatorics
Favorite Math Classes: MATH 140
Hobbies: Lifting, Video Games, Basketball

# Community Advisor

Diana Platero-Lopez

Department of Mathematics

Diana Platero-Lopez is the Community Advisor of SUMS as well as the Student Affairs Manager of the Department of Mathematics.